Podcast 1: Chatting with Julia Zagar, artist and designer, about collaboration and creativity

The first interview in the podcast Series 1 is with Julia Zagar, friend and co-creator of Karen Minihan’s for over 20 years. They have worked on many projects together, especially with PlayActing Theatre, a company that has involved their creative input with Alyn Fenn, artist and writer and Terri Leiber, actor and writer.

In the conversation, Julia chats with Karen about her creative practice as a textile artist and designer, with her passion for mood boards*. She considers the challenge and developments in the process of a year-long project to make ‘a piece of art a day’, plus another that is a one large, bedspread-sized apple, made while sitting on the floor. They reflect on what ‘collaboration’ means to Julia, particularly in the context of the many projects she and Karen have undertaken. And Julia elaborates on the chair she has chosen to speak about.

*mood board a collection of images around a specific theme, gathered in one place (eg a large sheet of paper, or a Pinterest site), as a source of inspiration.

A ‘Julia Zagar’ mood board and a snapshot of a portion of her ‘one-a-day 2020’ project.

(Opening and closing music features Camilla Griehsel, Singer and Justin Grounds, Violinist.) 

2 thoughts on “Podcast 1: Chatting with Julia Zagar, artist and designer, about collaboration and creativity

  1. That was a lovely way to spend an hour. Thanks to both of you. I liked the concept of support and permission. It would be good, perhaps to put up a couple of samples of Julia’s postcards on the blog page?

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