Take A Chair: talking theatre and creativity

A blog and podcast series, ‘Take a Chair: talking theatre and creativity’ looks at elements of theatre and creative expression through the written form of a blog and podcast interviews with theatre-makers and other artists.

Each blog post focuses on an area of interest to Karen, developed over her years of experience directing, writing and performing in theatre and as a drama teacher and facilitator.

The podcasts intersperse the blog posts where these elements of creativity are explored in the discussion with the artists.

The Amadeus Project, Schull

This blog follows and records the process behind the mise en scène of the Peter Shafer play, ‘Amadeus’.

A joint project between PlayActing Theatre and Schull Drama Group, the work proper began in January 2019 and the performances were scheduled for six nights in October 2019. PlayActing Theatre has been producing plays since 2004 and the trio of Karen, Julia Zagar and Alyn Fenn have been involved in all of them. They have also been involved in productions with Schull Drama Group in previous years.

This production of ‘Amadeus’ was a collaborative, contemporary project and the process of opening and developing the collective creativity of the entire troupe of a actors as well as the background support –– production committee, design team, backstage crew –– was at the core of the work.

Karen, as the director / facilitator of the project, has in her portfolio experience in directing, performing and writing for her own theatrical productions as well as providing professional support writing services for other businesses.

Click here for access to PlayActing Theatre Facebook page, or  here  for Schull Drama group Facebook Page for other images of Amadeus and past productions. 

Contact Details

Karen Minihan, Gortnamona, Schull, Co Cork

Phone: 085 7492060

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